Installing CAcert’s Root Certificate in Psi on Mac OS X

I’m using the Psi instant messenger (version 0.10) on Mac OS X 10.4.8 with a Jabber server that has an SSL certificate signed by CAcert. Their root certificate isn’t installed in Psi by default, however, so I got a warning message about an invalid certificate each time I connected to my server. I followed these steps to get the CAcert certificates into Psi:

  1. Download the class 1 and class 3 certificates from the CAcert root certificate page in PEM format.
  2. Run the following command in Terminal:
    openssl x509 -in root.crt -fingerprint
    The first output line shows the MD5 fingerprint. Verify it against the fingerprint on the root certificate page.
  3. Open Psi’s rootcert.xml file in an editor. In a standard installation, the path is /Applications/Psi.app/Contents/Resources/certs/rootcert.xml
  4. Add two new <certificate> elements and inside each a <data> element.
  5. Edit the root.crt and class3.crt downloaded in step 1. In each file, remove the first and last line and all newline characters. This results in one long line of gibberish each. :-)
  6. Copy each of the modified certificates into one of the <data> elements created in rootcert.xml in step 4.
  7. Start Psi. The warning about an invalid certificate has disappeared.

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